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    [ High Reliable System ] The key control parts of Martin Tightening Machine are all brand ones imported from Germany and Japan, which has better adaptability to environments of vibration, impact, dust, humidity and electromagnetic interference. The service of these key components is guaranteed to be more than 1000000 times without losing tightening precision.

    [ Multiple-Spindle Shift is able to meet tightening requirement of different work positions ] The dynamic operation part can be designed into shift mechanism, which adjusts axle distance, axial direction and axle quantities of output spindle. Single synchronization adjustment of multi-spindle is done quickly. It is especially suitable for production line of small-lot and multi work position. The outstanding advantage is economical, practical and of multiple functions.

    High Torque-control Precision and Fast Tightening Speed ] The system designs main control software (MTKZ2016) and monitoring software (NUT2016) elaborately and adopts anti-jamming measure to ensure high tightening torque precision. The tightening speed can be adjusted automatically according to softness and hardness of bolt material as well as tightness degree. Fast tightening of high torque, high precision is done without pre-tightening of pneumatic wrench. For torque of 20N.m-2000 N.m, the system can obtain optimum performance, Generally, each tightening is within 20 seconds.

    [ Convenient and Intuitive Human-machine Interface ] The human-machine interface, a convenient human-machine interaction window for operator, adopts PC-PLC interactive workstation. The running state and live data of PLC can be displayed synchronously by Chinese characters, numbers and curves. Your required picture is called up in window menus form, only a click of which will help monitor, amend and set various parameters..

Electric Control Cabinet

    There are monitoring unit, main processing unit, axis control unit, low-voltage apparatus etc in Electric Control Cabinet.

    [ Monitoring Unit ] Monitoring Unit adopts NUT series monitoring software system on Windows XP Platform, which is Windows standard interface style with rich and intuitive content. Operation is simple and easy to learn.

    [ Axis Control Unit and Servo Motor ] Original Panasonic AC servo motors and coordinated servo drivers ensure high processing precision of the system.

    [ Main Processing Unit ] There are original Imported Control Module of High Precision, and completely new CLKZ Main Control Software in Main Processing Unit, which controls each axle independently and precisely .In processing of each axle, no interference occurs.

    [ Low-voltage Apparatus ] Choose ABB/SIMENS low-voltage Apparatus.

Operation Box

    [ Operation Box Assembly ] Operation Box Assembly is made up of operation box, protective cover, operation handle, operation press-button and tightening shaft assembly.
    [ Classifications of Operation Box Assembly ]
    There are horizontal type, vertical type, tilting type and machine tool type in operation mold.
    Horizontal type
    Output Motive Power is in horizontal direction, suitable for tyre bolt tightening position of various vehicles.
    Vertical type
    Tightening Machine is suspended above work position to save space, often applied in Axle U Bolt Tightening work position.
    It can be divided into hand and automatic shift according to shift type.
    Manual shift center distance
    Center distance modification handle moves shift screw rod of tightening shaft, driving screw with thread to drag planker to move along guide slot of bottom plate. It is easy and reliable. Center distance modification time is less than 60 seconds.
    Automatic shift center distance
    Cylinder or servo motor drives guide bushing to realize center distance modification within 5 seconds.
    It can be divided into single shaft, two shafts, three shafts, four shafts…….eighteen shafts and multiple shafts according to shaft quantity.
    [ Torque Senor ]
    Torque sensor is to give a dynamic electronic signal, reflecting the torque imposed on bolt head part. This can be done by testing mechanical torque generated by counter-force of output shaft. Martin Tightening Machine adopts original Staiger Mohilo torque sensor imported from German. Other brand is also available as per customer requirements.
    [ Tightening Shaft Assembly ]
    Tightening Shaft Assembly is composed of servo motor, gear reducer, torque sensor, output shaft and tightening socket.
    Parameters for Some Models of Planetary GearBox
    Martin Planetary Gearbox is advanced in similar products in China, excelling in design and quality, Tightening Machine kind planetary gearbox has gained national patent.
    Martin Planetary Gearbox features in compact structure, little size, light weight, low noise, high carrying ability and steadier meshing, the material of which is LC alloy steel, After carburizing and quenching technique, the surface of gear is harsh while the core is tough, Internationally advanced equipment also ensures high quality.
    Serialization of planetary gearbox has been achieved to output torque as needed and to fit brands of servo motor.

    The transmission interference adopts needle bearing with no retainer in it to increase contact area, Structure rigidness output torque is improved, Gear base material can be 30 HRc in hardness after heat treatment, After achieving this hardness, carburization and quenching is processed again to get best anti-abrasion and impact resistance performance.

    The planetary carrier and output shaft are integral structure, Planetary gear adopts two-terminal bracing style, The maximum torque and output loading ability is ensured.

    With 3D Helitopo Analysis Technology, tooth shape and guiding stroke modification of tooth flank has been done to reduce impact and noise of gear and prolong service life of gear train.
    Martin Tightening Machine chooses socket of chromium-molybdenum steel and chrome vanadium steel, which undertakes hot forging, impact intrusion, two chamber mesh belt quenching and vacuum tempering process.
    [ Applicable Torque Value of Bolts ] The following table shows suggested torque value for general bolt and screw tightening. Maximum torque is suggested to adopt for operating immersion oil screw (friction coefficient=0.125) without treatment.

Suspension Balance Lift System

    [ Suspension Balance Lift System ] Suspension Balance Lift System is mainly composed of connecting steel structure, vertical and horizontal slide components and balance lift device. Specific design is made according to customer’s site environment and requirement, ensuring tightening machine’s smooth and reliable running three-dimensionally. The structure of lift system is cylinder+balance components. Gas circuit elements are imported ones. Minimum decent height is less than 30mm within 24 hours after cutting off air supply.

Industry Control Software

    There are proprietary intellectual property rights for MTKZ series main control software and NUT series monitoring software system. Completely new MTKZ2016 main control software is set in main control unit imported from Japan or Europe, which adopts completely new control algorithm and improves control precision greatly, Automatic cycle PID regulating system, the most advanced in real-time control technology, is added into MTKZ2016. A wholly new generation of digital control module is also used, because of which, tightening speed is greatly promoted, Thus the whole equipment can better meet customer’s requirement.
    NUT2016 software is independently developed real-time monitoring management software for intelligent electric tightening machine, It is able to set multiple –shaft torque and angle, monitor and measure in real time during tightening process, as well as store and manage data of working process. This software is running on Windows 7 platform with rich and intuitive display. Friendly human-computer interface makes operation easy to learn. Operators can get support and help in use and maintenance with powerful on-line assistance function.

System Function

    [ System Function ] > Automatic coupling
    > Automatic unloading
    > Stepless speed regulating
    > Pre-tightening, waiting and synchronically tightening of each axle
    > Automatic tightening in positive rotation, manual disassembling in reversal     rotation
    > Identification of false torque
    > Protection of parameters and data password
    > Precision analysis of torque and angle value
    > Over-torque alarming
    > Dynamic display of each axle’s torque value, rotating angle value and     torque/angle curve
    > Automatic display of maximum dynamic torque and final rotating angle
    > Display and analysis of shift output and total output
    > Ex-post display of tightening data and trend Curve, generating Statistic from     and printing.
    > Network Interface makes it easy to connect with supervise system or LAN
    > Self-diagnosis of breakdown
    > Setting torque and angle objective value as well as high or low limit
    > Instant stop of control system, protection of parameters
    > Servo system’s over-current, over-voltage, over-speed and over-torque pro     tection
    > Extra control function can be attached additionally
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