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    Through flexible: machine manufacturing equipment equipped with appropriate tools, measuring tool, fixture, NC program etc, make the device have the ability to make a given in any of the part family parts. (this is an inherent flexibility, it related to manufacturing equipment of related functions, such as machine attached to the tool storage capacity, control the movement of the shaft, etc.)
    Craft flexible: with different processing procedures and technology's ability to process a part or under a given process planning in different processing route for parts processing (manufacturing and processing between workstations function between the swaps and replace).
    Flexible products: one is the product updates or completely after steering, system can very economic and produce new products quickly; Second, product updates, to the old products useful features to achieve inheritance and compatible.
    To maintain flexible: query, process faults in various ways, ensure normal production. Flexible production capacity: when production changes, the system can run economically.
    Flexible extension: when production needs, can be easily extended system structure, increase the module, form a larger system.
    Flexible operation: by using a different machine, the material, the technological process for manufacturing a range of products.


    Production equipment: CNC machining equipment (such as machining centers), Materials store equipment: ASRS, central pallet area, cutting tools in & out station, central cutting tools magazine, machine attached cutting tools magazine etc.

    [ Auto Material Transfer Function ] Auto material deliver equipment: industrial robot, conveyor belt, trial guide vehicle, automated guided vehicle, AGV etc.

    [ Material Management Function ] Materials management system can track materials from entrance to exit this system automatically, keep materials store and deliver system proper functioning.
    System support software: Operation system, Network operation system, Database management system, etc.
    FMS Operation control system: Dynamic scheduling system, Real-time fault diagnosis system, Production preparation, Material management control system, etc.
    [ Achining Center ] Generally, in the flexible manufacturing system, the mainly processing equipment is the Machining center, often with knife tools library. MC also has automatic pallet exchange devices.
    > Vertical machining centre
    > Horizontal machining center

    [ Turning Center ] Turning center is suitable for machining rotary parts.

    [ Cleaning Station ] Cleaning stations can be placed in the flexible manufacturing system production line. It can be separated, also can be with the loading and unloading station. Its main function is including removing scraps, cleaning parts, fixtures and trays, excluding the removal of burr.

    [ Measuring Station ] The inspection process has two ways including online inspection and offline inspection. Online tester works by programs, determining the manufacturing error, adjusting compensation of cutting tools through the central computer.
    Material transfer system in FMS is the automatic system which links every workstation to transfer materials automatically. According to the different transfer objects, it defined with the work flow system and the cutting tool flow system.

    [ Function of The System of The FMS Bill of Materials Storage ] Automatic storage of material function Material storage equipment: automatic stereo warehouse (ASRS), the central tray, loading and unloading station, tool import & export station, central knife library, machine tool import and export the attached knife library, etc.

    Automatic transfer of material function Material automatic transmission equipment, industrial robots, conveyor belts, railroad cars, automatic guided the car rail vehicle, AGV, etc.

    Materials management functions Material management system from material entering the system, to ultimately exit system, it can automatically tracking, to ensure the normal operation of the material storage and transportation system.

    [ Auto Materials Transfer Equipment In Fms ] Conveyor Belt > Easier control
    > Constantly transfer ability, large transfer amount in unit time
    > Low technical requirement, maintain convenient
    > Cover more area lead to low space utilization
    > Low operation speed, poorer convey path flexibility

    Industrial Robot Industrial Robot is a special materials transfer system. It usually applies in situation of short distance in machine tools and light parts and fixture. It is the most effective ones apply in clustered placed machine tools. One robot can serve several machine tools. It usually applies in assemble and disassemble of revolved parts with no fixture also applies in transfer, assemble and disassemble of cutting tools.

    RGV-Rail Guided Vehicle RGV-rail guided vehicle is an unmanned automated carrying equipment. It drove by draft gear, tracking pre-laying rail on instructions to achieve automated materials transfer.

    [ Component ]
    > Rail system
    > Vehicle controller
    > Vehicle frame
    > Warning and safety equipment

    [ Features ]
    > Fast, stable, accurate
    > High load capacity suitable for heavy parts
    > Simpler control system with high reliability, low cost and easier maintain

    Automatic Guided Vehicle AGV is the free running of electric car with the power of storage battery. It is controlled by electromagnetic guided or optical guidance without guide rail.

    [ Component ]
    > Vehicle frame
    > Battery: usually use 24V/48V industrial battery
    > Guiding unit
    > Communicating unit
    > Accurate positioning device
    > Safety device
    > Controller
    > Working platform

    [ Features ]
    > Good flexibility
    > Reduce labor work
    > Different AGV can run in one system
    > Individual AGV fault do not lead break down of system
    > Easy expand system
    > Improve safety of materials transfer
    > High reliability
    > Reduce space consumption
    > Less power consumption, low operation noise
    > Easy install, convenient maintain
    > Easy to integrate with other automated system
    Information system is composed by main computer, branch computer and its interface, peripheral equipment and various hardware and software control devices. It collects, conduct, feedback the information in its processing and transferring. And hierarchical control machine tools or transfer equipment by computer or other control device(hydraulic/pneumatic devices). Finally achieve communication among each system, ensure proper operation of the system.
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