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Battery cell production line

    Involving automatic production lines of the square battery, cylindrical battery, soft pack battery
    The main production equipment include: vacuum mixer, spraying machine (coating machine), cutting machine, roller press, winding machine, drying kiln (drying oven), laser welding machine, airtightness testing machine, vacuum injection machine, automatic coating machine, automatic edger, charge and discharge testing machine, formation and testing system, battery cell sorter and so on.

Module assembly line

    The main production equipment include: automatic sorter, automatic code scanning and detecting machine, automatic coating machine, automatic dispenser, battery cell automatic combination and assembly machine, side board assembly machine, automatic riveting machine, CMT welding machine, press mounting and measuring machine, automatic cleaning machine, laser welding machine, module insulation and voltage-withstand EOL testing , bar code printer and so on.

PACK assembly line

    The main production equipment include: base cover feeding machine, base plate cleaning machine, base plate dispensing machine, protective layer placement machine, high and low voltage connector installation, low voltage communication plugin relay installation, module installation machine, CSC and BMS installation, PCB/PET patch assembly, module welding machine, PCB/PCM and other cable connection, wire/data line welding machine, EOL electrical performance testing machine, protective casing tube installation, charge and discharge components installation, dispensing and closing machine, high current testing machine, automatic tightening machine, airtightness testing machine, automatic labelling machine, AGV delivery and so on.
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