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Martin Tech dynamic product series are positive examples in industry field. We have established systematic service project of a full set and improves manufacture and assembly techniques meanwhile.

[ Elaborate pre-sales ]
Technical proposal

No matter it is a whole project or a single non-standard equipment, we will form a project group to investigate work position in depth and design economical product that really serve the purpose on the bases of high efficiency.

Professional solution

Our engineers design products elaborately and solve manufacture and assembly problems professionally.

[ Attentive during-sales ]
Technical assurance

Martin Q3 testing system achieves standardized control and management of non-standard products. Product inspection is of two-way interaction at product origin and user’s operation site. It makes sure that the equipment is accepted in one time and put into use at the soonest.

Professional Training

Product description and operation manual are drawn up according to operator’s cultural qualities. One-to-one training of operator and turn-key service are available.

[ Observation after-sales ]
Technology Service

Martin sales offices are all over the county, providing professional technical advice for each customer. It is committed that after-sales engineers are able to reach operation site for technical support within 48 hours if required.

Professional Maintenance

Specialized engineers go to operation sites periodically, providing free check and maintenance. One year warranty and lifelong maintenance is guaranteed for delivered equipments.

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